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Digital Cinema Distribution and Projection

How it works Digital cinema has taken place of historical motion picture film projection. Nearly all the multiplex are using digital cinema projection technique now - a - days. Even a single screen theater like Galaxy (Rajkot ,gujrat [INDIA] ) is using the digital cinema projection.... 

In addition to the equipment already found in a film-based movie theatre a DCI-compliant digital cinema screen requires a digital projector and a computer known as a "server".

Movies are supplied to the theatre as a digital file called a Digital Cinema Package(DCP). For a typical feature film this file will be anywhere between 90 and 300GB of data (roughly two to six times the information of a Blu-ray disc) and may arrive as a physical delivery on a conventional computer hard-drive or via Currently (Dec 2013) physical deliveries are most common and have become the industry standard. Trailers arrive on a separate hard-drive and range between 200 and 400MB in size.

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